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Apartments for rent in Buenos Aires | Neighborhood: La Boca / Barracas

In the southern part of Buenos Aires, you will find one of the most picturesque places in all Argentine, with its own history, its customs and its colourful brightly painted houses built out of corrugated sheet metal: el Barrio de La Boca, the neighbourhood of the (river) mouth, the first port the city ever had.
"La Piccola Italia", the small Italy, as it is also called, is ripe with Mediterranean style. in traditional architectural style.

In the XIX th century it was the cradle of many poets, musician and painter.
Its aspect, so different from the other barrios in the city, was dominated by low houses built of wood, with roofs and walls made out of corrugated zinc, all painted in bright colours, all probably leftovers from the paint used to paint ships.

Apartment for rent La Boca / Barracas Almirante Brown 700
Almirante Brown 700
La Boca / Barracas
3 room | 4 guest

Apartment for rent La Boca / Barracas Almirante Brown Avnue. 700
Almirante Brown Avnue. 700
La Boca / Barracas
2 room | 2 guest

Apartment for rent La Boca / Barracas Isabel la Católica 700
Isabel la Católica 700
La Boca / Barracas
1 room | 2 guest

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