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Cultural City Tour

The tours below are guided by historians who studied at Buenos Aires University. All of this services of guidance are provided by a university professional staff with diverse backgrounds in Social Sciences and Humanities (History, Art History, Literature, Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Media Studies, Sociology) and strongly trained in foreign languages (English, French, Italian, Portuguese and German).

Tours are "tailor made", hence allowing visitors to choose the most convenient meeting points, departing schedules and also to add sites that the client would like to visit in particular.

You will move around the city in comfortable and acclimatized vehicles.

Please contact us to book at least two days in advance!!

Images of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is exceptional: dynamic, sophisticated and overwhelming. Is an ever astonishing combination of the European cities' atmosphere and the charm of the Latin American ones. This journey provides of an in-depth introduction to its history, its architecture, the culture of its people, its anecdotes and secrets. A three hour long journey that gives the fundamental keys of understanding of the net of significances that makes differences make sense, as paradigmatic areas are explored: the lively and frenzied downtown area, the "aristocratic" northern and the working class related southern districts. We visit the most significant sites of the city, acknowledging the transformation of a village that grew into a megapolis.

3 HS - Tour in the morning and in the afternoon

Centre (Plaza de Mayo - 1° Stop), Montserrat, San Telmo, La Boca (Caminito - 2° Stop), Puerto Madero, Palermo Chico, Bosques de Palermo and Recoleta (Cemetery - 3° Stop). Small groups also make an extra stop at Plaza Dorrego (San Telmo) or Rosedal (Palermo).

Art in Buenos Aires

Specifically guided by art historians: "Art in Buenos Aires" journey provides a complete panoramic view of the pieces exhibited in the most important city museums. At The National Museum of Fine Arts (MNBA) the argentine art is in detail surveyed not withstanding an exhaustive analysis of the most important works of European art there collected. Works of the most important modern artists of the whole Latin American continent are gathered at the Museum Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA) exhibit rooms that is also visited in this journey. A final stop at one of the main galleries that treasures the most important trends of contemporary art can be the tour's finishing stop.

The National Museum of Fine arts is closed on Mondays and the Museum of Latin American Art closes on Tuesdays. During those days these museums are replaced by optional Galleries and Museums.

3 HS every afternoon.

MNBA, MALBA, Museo Xul Solar and/or an art gallery.

Aristocratic Buenos Aires

"The northern" districts are characterized by their European appearance and have been- since the end of the XIX century- the most chosen residential areas of the city's upper class member. This tour examines the origins of the so called "South American Paris" underlying the life style of the old families during the Porteña belle époque. San Martin Square "embraced" by palaces, Palermo Chico and Pellegrini petit square are thoroughly visited. We also go indoors and walk around one of the most stupendous palaces, walk alongside forested boulevards and parks that were designed for leisure time enjoyment, we survey the celebrated monuments erected at the Centennial of the May Revolution (1910) and visit the remarkable Recoleta cemetery.

3 hs - every afternoon

Plaza San Martín, Recoleta, Palermo Chico, National Museum of Decorative Art (Errázuriz palace) or Militar Circle (Paz Palace), Rosedal, Avenida Alvear and Plaza Pellegrini.

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