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It is mountains. The Patagonian-Fueguinos Andes extend to the west like a huge wall acting as a borderline with Chile. With landscapes of lakes and pines, it has snow during winter and plenty of flowers and scents during summer. Towards the east, the Atlantic Ocean and its beaches.
A deep blue sea with warm waters coming from Brazil at North Patagonia, and cold in the south (past St. Matías Gulf) populated by penguins, whales and dolphins. It is also a vast plateau in its central part, with high "steps" descending from the Andes towards the Ocean. Most of Patagonia's surface belongs to this area.
Flat and distant horizons, which are sometimes interrupted by the blue ribbons formed by the big rivers and their valleys. And finally the corollary of this Land of the Extreme: Tierra del Fuego, also known as the "Uttermost End of the World".
Mountains and sea come together like in no other place in America. This region encloses the city of Ushuaia, Cape Horn, the Magellan Strait and is also a gateway to Antarctica. Such names can only bring us back to old myths, adventure and legends.

Whales and penguins, Welsh traditions in the Patagonian plateau, Valdés Peninsula with an impressive reserve of autochthonous fauna which gave the status of UNESCO World Heritage site, a glimpse of "Planet Earth the way it used to be" awaits you during your visit to this beautiful town in Atlantic Patagonia.

The greatest icon in Patagonia, the Perito Moreno Glacier, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, invites you to visit this corner of Argentina. Walking on millenarian blue ice, sailing through the Argentino Lake in order to catch sight of other ice rivers, such as Uspala and Spegazzini, or embarking on a small cruise which spends the night in Los Glaciares National Park are some of the breathtaking excursions we offer you.

The uttermost "End of the World", the mythical Tierra del Fuego, is comprised by channels and lakes, forests and mountains. It is as well, the nearest city to the Antarctica. Our exclusive excursions will take you trekking across the National Park, sailing in small crafts, rowing in inflatable canoes and more. The experience of the end of the world will remain in your heart long after you have returned home.

Aldea Bonita ("Pretty Mountain Village")
In Villa La Angostura, our beautiful boutique hotel known as Aldea Bonita ("Pretty Mountain Village") offers you the most comfortable and relaxing place to enjoy your vacation, immerse yourself completely in nature and have an enormous amount of fun discovering everything from Patagonian art and culture to learning how to kayak, rockclimb or even, cast the perfect line for a trout dinner you'll never forget!
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