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Through the reservation application form or by phone or by e-mail. Reservation of any of our services will be made with a 20% deposit of the total amount. Deposits can be made in two ways. Choose the one you prefer:

-Bank deposit
-Western Union Apartments are rented at least some of them for minimum 3 days and all of them maximum of 6 month.


ROOMARGENTINA’s commission shall be paid on signing the contract. Our fees may vary depending on the kind of reservation, property and existing promotions. The rest of the payment for the rent will be in cash at the moment you sign the contract with the inventory. Payment Roomargentina’s rent shall be made solely in cash, in US dollars or/and in Euros. The tenant shall make a guarantee deposit, the amount of which varies in relationship to the duration of his stay. This shall be paid in cash. In all cases, the deposit shall be reimbursed once the stay has finished. If there are damages, the tenant shall pay them in accordance with the cost set forth in the inventory.


If the guest wants to shorten his stay or needs to cancel the reservation, the payment made cannot be refunded as it is considered to be a compensation for the owner on account of contract breach. Accommodating more guests in the facilities than what was previously established in the contract is sufficient reason for eviction. If the guest finds any kind of inconvenience or fault in the facilities’ functioning, he should inform ROOMARGENTINA as soon as possible. Temporary rent contracts cannot be extended, said extension implies signing a new contract. The guest will be given the apartment keys and will agree the time to leave the apartment (check out).

This is our entire and exclusive Privacy Policy and it supersedes any earlier version. We may change our Policy by posting a new version on our Site.

Apartments Buenos Aires ZONES
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